Wellness events help students stay healthy during the holidays

Members of a yoga class hold a pose their instructor shows them. The class is held every Tuesday in the SLC. Jessica Hubble | Multimedia Journalist

By Magdalayna Drivas | Reporter

It can be easy to lose sight of health and fitness goals during the holiday season. Baylor’s Department of Wellness is offering incentives to make it easier to stay on track.

The department is hosting a Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge, a weight maintenance program to help students, faculty and staff avoid the “Seasonal Seven” that people tend to gain during the holidays.

“Research has shown that a lot of people gain about seven pounds over the holidays,” assistant director of wellness Van Davis said. “This is a way that we can maintain our weight and be mindful as we go through the holidays.”

The cost is $5 to participate in the challenge. Weigh-ins will be held on Nov. 20 and 21 in the Student Life Center wellness suites, room 207.

“Participants will get weighed in and after the holidays there will be a weigh-out,” Davis said. “If you maintain or even lose weight then you are eligible for lots of great door prizes.”

In addition, all FitWell group exercise classes will be free for students, faculty and staff from December 4-9. Davis said the classes are a great opportunity to exercise between the holidays and take a study break during finals week.

“If students just take a break from studying and come do something physical they will go back and retain more information, be able to concentrate better and focus more,” Davis said.

Davis said there will be more than 20 classes during finals week ranging from gentle yoga to high-intensity F24.

“This is a great time for people to see what we have to offer,” Davis said. “F45 is a great program that we have and classes like yoga will help someone relieve stress and perform better on their finals.”

Upper Saddle River, NJ junior Elena Pappas said FitWell classes help keep her energized and focused during busy semesters.

“It can be hard to find time to work out during the school year, but there are so many classes to choose from there is no excuse not to go,” Pappas said. “Getting a quick workout in gives me the energy I need to study.”

Davis recommends that students take a 10 minute break for every hour of studying.

“Research has shown that every time you put your brain under stress for long periods of time that you need to take a break,” Davis said. “Find ways to just move your body, go out for a walk and clear your mind.”

Davis said the most important thing to remember to stay healthy over the holidays is to be mindful of what you eat.

“If you need to splurge a little bit that’s okay, just don’t have Thanksgiving-type meals every day over the holidays,” Davis said. “Spend the holidays being thankful, being grateful and enjoy the food, but don’t overdo it.”

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