Twin Peaks jury sequestered, to deliberate through night

The Twin Peaks trial has been sequestered for the night and will continue to deliberate through the night. Jessica Babb | Broadcast Managing Editor

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

The jury for the Twin Peaks trial has been sequestered for the night and trial will continue tomorrow because after nine hours of deliberation, the jury was deadlocked and could not come up with a decision.

The jury told Judge Matt Johnson that it is deadlocked on all counts. The jury will continue deliberating through the night, however due to Veterans Day being on Saturday, the courthouse may be closed. The jury reconvened and on the second note of the night, they stated that one of the jurors is said to have experience with the Cossacks and is holding up the trial.

Jacob Carrizal, a leader of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos was arrested after the shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine people dead. His trial began on Oct. 11 and he pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit murder and aggravated assault. The trial has lasted several weeks and the jury has been released since 1:50 p.m.