Sing Alliance welcomes new members at open call sign-up

San Antonio senior Camille De Los Santos performs in All-University Sing in February 2017.

By Holly Luttrell | Reporter

Sing Alliance welcomed new performers for their 2018 All-University Sing routine during their sign-ups Sunday night.

The Sing Alliance leadership team greeted new members and gave each new addition a T-shirt, welcoming them into the organization.

Sing Alliance is a student-run group that allows Baylor students not involved with Greek life to participate in Sing. They accept students from all majors across campus, and all grade levels, from freshmen through graduate school. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Sing Alliance is the only way for non-Greek members at Baylor to do All-University Sing. So we are really what makes it all-university,” Sing Alliance president and choreography chair Austin senior Jenay Lapeyrolerie said. “We just exist for anyone who wants to do Sing to have the opportunity to be part of this Baylor tradition.”

Lapeyrolerie said that performers who sign up to participate do not need any previous experience. If a prospective student is not already involved with a Greek life organization, they are welcome to join Sing Alliance.

“We’d love to have as many performers as possible,” Sing Alliance costume chair Altus, Okla., junior Kimberlyn Weaver said.

The group’s largest performance consisted of approximately 175 members, but the numbers tend to change year to year. According to Lapeyrolerie, they can expect about 100 performers any given season.

Sing Alliance gives students to opportunity to meet other performers from all across campus and put their own unique skills to good use.

“Sing Alliance is like a family,” Weaver said. “It’s very accepting of anyone who wants to join. Also, I’m a fashion major so being the costume chair was a lot of fun for me to be able to contribute to such a fun and positive organization.”

Lapeyrolerie credits Sing Alliance with helping her feel at home at Baylor.

“It was the people who made me want to stay. I found all of my friends at Baylor through Sing Alliance,” Lapeyrolerie said. “Once I found Sing Alliance, I was like ‘I know these are my people.’ They are so quirky and fun and just very accepting and loving. It’s really a family.”

Like many other groups on campus, Sing Alliance will soon get to work learning routines with their members in preparation for 2018 All-University Sing in February.

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