Dear President Livingstone, mid-semester edition…

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

President Livingstone, you are now officially our president. Yes, you assumed the position when you accepted your job offer, but at the inauguration ceremony, you officially sealed the deal. Your remarks have assured us that you are ready for what lies ahead at Baylor, and for that we thank you.

Back in August, we wrote you a letter expressing our gratitude to you for assuming this position. Admittedly, we did not know what to expect when the school year started, but now that we are in the pinnacle of the semester,we have nothing but a round of applause to give to you.

President Livingstone, thank you for being OUR president. We love seeing you and the First Gent, your husband Brad, walking around campus with your dog, Bu. We love how involved you are with students from seeing you and Mr. Livingstone eating at The Penland Crossroads to seeing you wait in traffic at the intersection of 3rd St. and Bagby Ave. During your inauguration speech, you affirmed your commitment to Baylor. Keep up the incredible work and thank you for embracing our school.

President Livingstone, thank you for encouraging us. Your passion for Baylor is contagious. Your love and care for our school inspires us to carry that same love and passion as well. Every week, your ‘Presidential Perspective’ emails not only serve as a reminder that you are here and taking care of business, but that you want us to be informed about what you are doing during the week. The transparency of your priorities has continued to encourage us that you are indeed working to take Baylor face-forward into this next chapter. Please remain open with us so that we can be open with you.

Mr. Livingstone, thank you for donning the title of First Gentleman so well. You are a such a gentleman and an example of what a Godly man and husband looks like. You sure are a good sport for stopping to take pictures with students and accompanying your wife to all her engagements and events. Your smile is contagious and never fails to brighten the room. Thank you for sharing your wife with us. Thank you for coming to Baylor and embracing all that Baylor is. We look forward to continuing to see you on campus.

We look forward to see how you will continue to shape the face of Baylor University, President Livingstone. We urge you to continue to seek us out and to continue to be present on campus. Continue to be our champion and consider us when you make decisions like you have done. Thank you for your effort to be present with us. We encourage you to make your mark on our beloved university.