Baylor in Budapest application now online

Photo Courtesy of Maxey Parrish

By Christina Munoz | Contributor

The application for the Baylor in Budapest study abroad program is now available online for students.

The program director, senior lecturer in the department of journalism, public relations and new media, Maxey Parrish, said next summer will be the third time Baylor offers students the chance to pursue their studies in Hungary.

“Culturally, there’s so much to learn,” Parrish said. “I think it’s important for young people to experience a different culture because they’re going to live in a world that has international influences.”

Lisa Asher, an academic adviser for the College of Arts and Sciences, shares a similar view.

Asher said she supports studying abroad because she says she believes it “makes classes more meaningful,” since it allows students to relate their course material to a different culture. Students who have attended this trip recommend the program as well.

Irvine, Calif., senior Maddie Gusikoski, who attended the program this past summer, strongly encourages students to apply.

“I loved Baylor in Budapest. I think it’s such an amazing opportunity for journalism majors because your assignments during the trip are based on your experiences in Budapest … I definitely stretched as a writer,” Gusikoski said. “Baylor in Budapest is a once in a lifetime experience that caused me to grow in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined.”

Although this program appeals primarily to journalism majors, Parrish said the program is open to those pursuing other degrees as well.

“We can come up with a way to customize what a student wants to do for just about anything that the student may want to study,” Parrish said. “As long as it’s related to journalism, then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Around 12 students get accepted for the program each year, and Parrish said he admires the personal aspect of this study abroad opportunity.

“The fewer students there are, the more personal of an experience it is … over there. [Teaching] is very flexible and personal. I can work with students individually to customize their needs so they can get a lot out of it,” Parrish said.

Some of the courses offered are Magazine and Feature Writing, as well as Writing and Editing for Online Media. Special Studies is also available as an alternative course option and non-journalism majors may take Writing for Media Markets. Students will take these classes together at Corvinus University of Budapest.

The application can be downloaded at The Baylor in Budapest option is listed under the program search results.

The estimated program fee of $4,800 includes flights, housing, meals and other related costs. The application deadline is March 1 and members for next summer will be abroad from May 24 to July 1.