Artists showcase work at the Waco Cultural Arts Fest

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Artists of all kinds shared their talents with the community at the annual Waco Cultural Arts Fest this weekend. The festival showcased poetry, science, dance, films and local artists on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“I volunteer because I have a really busy life and it’s a great way for me to just get connected with Waco and all the great culture that’s around that I don’t get to enjoy that often,” said Sophia Gardner, a volunteer. “It just makes me really happy to forget about all the stressful stuff in my life right now and it’s just really fun to be around a bunch of kids that just get to come and be part of Waco.”

Dallas sophomore, John Singletary showcased his original artwork and photography at the festival. He was on the Baylor football team but had to choose between football and art because of his schedule. He said making the decision was a long process but came down to his love of art.

“Since I’ve been really little, I’ve loved art. I never thought I was going to be an artist though or wanted to be an artist at all,” he said. “I didn’t think artists could make a lot of money and I was like ‘oh that’s a big issue.’ My love grew for it as my love for money decreased.”

Singletary said he dreams of having his own gallery that combines his music and art.

“I want my art to be a space for people to just get lost in,” he said.