Baylor Spirit adds a new mascot, Marigold

Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

This year, Baylor Spirit has added a new mascot named Marigold. There are six students on the mascot team that get the honor of playing Bruiser, but for Austin, senior Deanna Spencer and Round Rock, junior Marie Ament they are able to do both.

Spencer and Ament have been on the team since their freshman year and said they have loved every minute of it.

“I mean it’s such an adrenaline rush every single time we get in the suit,” Spencer said. “So it’s just such an honor and so fun and definitely a humbling experience to be able to be in here at Baylor.”

With the addition of Marigold, Bruiser now has his own sidekick. Ament says Marigold has attracted more fans, especially little girls.

“It’s just so, so exciting to see the differences in how our fans react to Marigold versus Bruiser and like little kids just react to her differently than they do Bruiser,” Ament said. “It’s representative of girls as well as having Bruiser to represent the guys and so we get to see different aspects of the community of Baylor through having both types of personalities.”

For Spencer, wearing the costume is an even bigger honor because her father was the first Baylor mascot. In 1985, Andy Spencer was “Mr. Bear”. As the first mascot, he had free range with the character and was able to establish what his personality and mannerisms were going to be like. Andy has been able to watch the program grow, especially as he has been watching his daughter carry on the legacy.

“I remember thinking when I Ieft I was hoping that some of the things we did, that I started with Mr. Bear, would carry on — the walk or a certain way that he acted in the football games. Its just come a long way,” Andy said.

Spencer has not only carried on her father’s legacy, but has established one for herself as being part of the first Marigold team.


“I mean it’s just been such a cool kind of bond that we have together,” Spencer said. “I mean that he was the first Bruiser and now, I’m getting to carry on his legacy here at Baylor.”

Spencer and Ament said they have loved to see Marigold come to fruition and are excited to see her grow.

“It is just so cool to see an idea that your team had actually come to life and come full swing into it and everyone is so excited,” Spencer said. “It’s just been definitely an honor and a humbling experience to be a part of.”

Marigold and Bruiser will be making their next appearance together at Baylor Homecoming starting Oct.19-21.