Residence Hall Association holds Monopoly game night for students

An aerial view depicts students at play at the Texas Sized Monopoly event in Barfield Drawing Room. Baylee VerSteeg | Multimedia Journalist

By Holly Luttrell | Reporter

On Tuesday evening, students gathered in the Student Union Building to bond over pizza, some sodas and a couple life-sized Monopoly boards.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) held a Texas-sized Monopoly game night to encourage community among students in residence halls.

Residence Hall Association president Joseph Webster described the game as “life-sized Monopoly.” Players could choose between two large Baylor-themed Monopoly boards sprawled out on the ground.

The individuals acted as the game pieces as they rolled large foam dice to move around the board. Players could purchase buildings from Baylor’s campus as they advanced in the game. Each round lasted 50 minutes and the player with the most money, or “bear bucks,” at the end won.

Participants were able to wander from board to board, playing or observing. Students from all residence halls were welcome to attend to play Monopoly and enjoy free pizza and refreshments. Events like Monopoly night are planned by RHA to engage students from residence halls with one another.

“It’s a way for students to mingle and interact with other students from other halls,” Danielle Northcutt, RHA vice president for community standards, said. “It fosters community.”

RHA is a student-run organization that connects residence halls on Baylor’s campus. The organization has two representatives from each residence hall to help vote on issues, enact change if needed and build a community among the students.

The RHA is affiliated with the National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, where they can connect with leaders from schools across the country. This network allows Baylor residence hall leaders to receive and share ideas with other universities about how to serve students in the best way possible.

“Our mission is to lead and represent the students in our residence halls to all of the other students, to the university and to the nation as a whole through student advocacy and development,” Webster said. “We are trying to be a voice for all the students at residence halls.”

The organization holds events like Monopoly night and the tri-college tournament between Brooks College, the Honors Residential College and Teal Residence Hall later in the year. The RHA encourages students to participate in these events to build connections with students from other residence halls on campus that they may not have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

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