Over 1000 people walk in solidarity for suicide prevention

Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

On Saturday, Sept. 31 over 1000 people walked in solidarity at Brazos Park East for suicide prevention awareness.

Jennifer Warnick, Waco Walk chairwoman and Central Texas board member, brought the “Out of Darkness Walk” to Waco five years ago and has seen it grow exponentially. Warnick has been personally affected by the issue as she had lost her mother to suicide.

“My mom was… she was a beautiful soul and there is no doubt in my mind that if she knew about this walk she would be here with me, wearing her green bead, sharing the same awareness,” Warnick said. “I don’t want another family to lose someone as beautiful as my mom.”

Warnick said this event means a lot to her because it has helped her cope with the death of her mom and has helped other families. She said she will continue being a voice for her mother until the day she dies.

“The weekend that she passed we were supposed to go to the river and we didn’t make it,” Warnick said. “So being here at Brazos Park East next to the river, for me personally, every year, takes me back. And I just look above to her and God and let them know that I am going to keep going as long as God lets me.”

In the United States, a person dies by suicide every 13.3 minutes, taking more than 39,500 lives each year. Suicide prevention efforts have established several “Out of Darkness Walks” all around the country in order to raise funds and awareness toward the issue.

At the event, they raised $32,810 toward suicide prevention and are still accepting donations until December 31.