Baylor Swing Dance Society offers a blast into the past

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

The Baylor Swing Dancing Society had their annual workshop on Friday and Saturday to teach the basic moves for the Lindy Hop.

The Lindy Hop is a classic 1930’s American dance that is the basis for modern hip-hop dance, said James Otto, Swing Dance Society president.

“Sometimes I need a break from math and business and when I’m able to come here and do something physical, just kind of let loose, relax, that’s a great way for me to get away from it all,” Otto said.

Most the members of the swing dance society had no experience with the Lindy Hop before coming to Baylor, Otto said, and many people that participate were brought by friends.

The workshop focused on the “swing out” which is comprised of the basic moves of the Lindy Hop.

Emily Messimore, Swing Dance Society vice president said there is a lot of freedom involved in swing dancing, which makes it a great study break. She also said the organization has been a great way for her to meet people outside of her area of study.

“I think the community is special here,” Messimore said. “We spend so much time dancing together and when your dancing you really build special bonds and get to know people on a deeper level.”

Messimore is a history major and the Lindy Hop is part a period in history that she finds interesting.

The Swing Dance Society meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 8-10 p.m. at Burleson Quadrangle.