Students share their views on Baylor’s tough start to the football season

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

After Baylor Football’s first two games of the 2017 season, students got to share their views on the team’s performance so far.

Sophomore Zach Smith will be the new starting quarterback in effect for the Sept. 16 Duke game and will replace Anu Soloman.

“It is going to be really good for us in terms of a fresh start with a fresh face on the field,” said Bedfords Corner, NY junior, Jonathan Sclafani. “Anu has gotten a bad end of the spectrum right now because his offensive line is so young, but Zach has had some experience behind that line. He knows what he is doing and he has thrown a Baylor football before.”

True freshman running back John Lovett is already being put on a pedestal by his fellow students and Baylor Football fans.

“I am a huge fan of John Lovett,” said San Antonio junior, Hunter Dicianna. “I love that he is a true freshman out there tearing it up. He is most likely going to be a great aspect to Baylor’s offense for years to come.”

Some students also speak with nothing but respect for Head Coach Matt Rhule.

“I personally love what he is doing with this team. He has to work with a lot of everything outside of the football team,” San Antonio junior, Martin Lechuga said, “I love how respectful of a person he is, how he carries himself and makes sure the team is held accountable for everything they do.”

Those who found out Ishmail Wainright will be out for the Duke game due to illness were very disappointed.

“I think Ishmail is a really important player for us. I think he is one of the most athletic players even on Baylor’s campus. Being able to play two sports at the collegiate level is amazing,” said San Antonio junior, Drew Heckman.

The team will be traveling to play Duke University this Saturday and then will face OU on Sept. 23rd at McLane Stadium.