After Dark brings light to Baylor

By Margaret Thonnard | Reporter

“After Dark”, Baylor’s annual student variety show, will play 8-10:30 p.m. in Waco Hall this Friday and Saturday.

Tickets may be purchased through the BDSC Ticket Office. General admission is $14 online. Student tickets are $10 when purchased with student ID at their office in the SUB, which is open Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. — 3 p.m.

The Waco Hall box office will also open an hour and a half before each show, said Cheryl Mathis, assistant director of Student Activities.

Known by other names in the past, “After Dark” has been a Baylor event since the 70s, Mathis said. Produced by Student Productions — the same organization that puts on “All-University Sing”, “Pigskin Revue”, and “StompFest” — it is becoming a Family Weekend staple.

“As family weekend has evolved out of a football weekend, this has become kind of a go-to event, of how you can still be invested, still be with your family, but also get to experience another part of campus,” said Mathis.

Olivia Moses, an Internal Officer for Student Productions, agrees.

“It’s something fun to do with your parents on Family Weekend if you’re tired of them asking you how your classes are going or what you’re eating and all that good stuff,” said Moses.

According to Chelsey Art, Graduate Apprentice for Student Productions, “After Dark” allows students to experience the hidden talents of their peers.

“These are every day students that could be in your classes, that could be in your organization. They run the gamut as far as majors are concerned, so it’s not all performance majors that are in the show,” said Art.

The show, divided into two acts, will have 17 performances including dance routines, rapping, comedy, original songs, musical arrangements, and — unique to this year — flow-wanding.

“It is a baton that lights up and somehow — I’ve been trying, I’ve seen her perform it three, four times now? — and I still can’t figure out how she gets it to float and move around her. It’s super cool,” said Mathis.