Multicultural Pre Health club hosts fundraiser for healthcare relief in Dominican Republic

By Savannah Cooper | Staff Writer

Everyone, regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status, has been in need of medical attention. Baylor’s Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) believes that the ones who give such attention should reflect the diversity of their client base.

From 5-9 p.m. tonight at Raising Cane’s on 801 S. Kultgen Expressway, MAPS will be hosting one of the their many fundraising events to help raise funds for their spring break mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The organization goes on the trip every year, but with the devastation Hurricane Irma left, there will be a lot of work to do.

From bringing in speakers from the medical field to discussing current events in healthcare to weekly community service projects, MAPS is striving toward providing its members with hands-on experience that extends their skills outside of the classroom.

Missouri City junior and MAPS public relations chair Gabby Metoyer believes student organizations should mirror its constituents.

“I believe any organization body should reflect the people it serves,” Metoyer said. “That being said, I want MAPS to be beautifully diverse in culture and background. MAPS is all inclusive and we really strive to promote cultural competency in healthcare and that’s what I want the public to recognize about us.”

MAPS has weekly meetings in room D109 of the Baylor Sciences Building and opens with a “prayer nugget.” The weekly nugget is a Bible verse surrounding service or health and is followed by prayer.

Houston senior and MAPS president Maya Fontenot is striving this year as president to make opportunities for students easier to access.

“I hope to make resources available for students from varying socioeconomic backgrounds,” Fontenot said. “I know what it’s like to have to miss out on opportunities because you don’t have the money, so I’m trying to mitigate that for our students.”

Outside of promoting diversity in the medical field, MAPS has a unique approach of ensuring its members are actively reaching out of the Baylor Bubble. Twenty points are required for each member to keep their active standing within the organization. Points are earned through volunteering, attending their social events and attending MAPS meetings.

Fontenot recognizes the unique opportunity MAPS has to reach low-income communities and provide them access to healthcare.

“If we’re going to provide healthcare to the people, it’s important to know what different communities value so that we can make sure everyone has access to healthcare that fits their needs.”

This year’s club shirts are in two colors, blue and red, for members to choose and they share a MAPS logo on the front as well as the “Strength in Diversity” on the back.

Metoyer designed the shirts and wanted to include that quote to show the power of unity among a diverse range of people.

“Our diversity is really what sets us apart from other pre-health organizations on campus. Strength in Diversity means we are stronger together,” Metoyer said. “We are stronger when we recognize the knowledge and specialities each of us brings to the table.”

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