Vintage market stops in Waco to gather artisans, designers

MCC students Hannah Robles and Caitlyn Jefferon look at Rose & Bee Organics' tent on Saturday at Indian Creek Park next to the Waco Suspension Bridge. Liesje Powers | Multimedia Editor

By Kristina Valdez | A&L Editor

Front Porch Pickins Vintage and Handmade Market made its first appearance in Waco on Saturday at the Indian Spring Park. Visitors can buy anything from organic bath and body products to custom-made jewelry from forks and spoons.

Desiree Bryne co-founded Front Porch Pickins in 2013 after her job as a pro-negotiator was bought out by another company. Bryne decided that it was timeto do something she enjoyed.

“I grew up with my dad taking to me garage sales,” Bryne said. “I always loved vintage and handmade things.”

Bryne’s first event was in Arizona, where she rented out an entire stadium. She had 200 vendors and over 5,000 people showed up to experience Bryne’s gathering of artisans and designers.

“Everyone thought I was crazy,” Bryne said.

Since Front Porch Pickins’ first event, the vintage and handmade market has traveled nationally, frequenting states such as Texas, Illinois, Tennessee and Arizona.

Many of the vendors did not show up last weekend because of the recent hurricane in Houston and the imminent hurricane in Florida. However, the vendors who did set up their tents in front of the Waco Suspension Bridge brought treasures to locals who were out enjoying the September weather.

Vickie Overman of IzzyBella Designs had her tent set up with her collection of metalwork, including her handmade fork charm necklaces shining and dangling in the afternoon sun. IzzyBella Designs started in Arizona in October 2010 after Overman was inspired by her granddaughter to start her business.

“My granddaughter made me a bracelet and I broke it,” Overman said. “I took it to the jeweler to get it fixed; I didn’t want her to know.”

The process of fixing her granddaughter’s bracelet inspired her business. Overman and her husband work as a team designing jewelry and trinkets. Her husband molds sterling silver into shapes and Overman adds designs, creating unique items.

“My favorite thing I make is the storytelling charm bracelets,” Overman said. “I make them very personal for my customers.”

Brittany Loose and Molly Silvadon, also Arizonians, started Rose & Bee Organics after wanting affordable, organic bath and body products for their families.

“As a mom of kids with kids who have food allergies, I wanted to find healthy products, but nothing was affordable,” Silvadon said.

Loose and Silvadon now make their “organic crap-free skincare” products like body butter and deodorant in their homes. Some of the ingredients in their products have mango butter, coconut oil and essential oils.

Be on the lookout for Front Porch Pickins’ next stop in Waco.