Humane Society awaits arrival of Houston-area pets

Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Over 40,000 homes were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The catastrophic flooding in Houston has left families without homes. The storm, however, has also left many pets displaced. Animal shelters all over Texas have opened up space in order to give these animals a home. The Humane Society in Waco has opened over 50 kennels in order to house animals that have left Houston shelters because of over capacity.

The Humane Society in Waco has opened its doors to these pets and is waiting on their arrival. Executive Director Don Bland said he is grateful that shelters in northern states are willing to take some of their animals in order to make room for those in Houston.

“Rescues play a vital part of our everyday business and in a situation like this, where we needed a lot of space quickly, a lot of the rescues up north that have never pulled from us before have really stepped up and said ‘no we are willing to help, we got space, let us help you out,'” Bland said.

The Humane Society said they are unsure how many pets they will be receiving but have done their best to open as many kennels as possible.