Local internship combines valuable work experience with free yoga

Members of the PodGentle class, taught by Tara Beattie, work through a set of yoga positions at Yogapod. Liesje Powers | Multimedia Editor

By Magdalayna Drivas | Reporter

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and regain energy after a long day of classes, but expensive gym memberships push many college students away. A local yoga studio is helping eliminate this problem.

The Yoga Pod’s Karma Yogi Intern Program allows students with a passion for yoga and a limited budget to attend unlimited yoga, barre and fitness classes for free.

“It’s essentially a bargaining system. They make a deal where if you work 3.5 hours a week you get free unlimited yoga,” said Hewitt junior Devin Gary. “Basically the work is just making sure the studio is kept going, doing things like wiping down the studios after classes and cleaning towels and mats and that kind of thing.”

Gary became an intern in June to save money on summer yoga classes. Now she is training for a front desk job at the Yoga Pod and applies the skills she learned as an intern to her everyday life.

“Having this responsibility made me very mindful of the cleanliness and organization of everything around me,” said Gary. “It also gave me people skills because people will come to me with questions even though I’m not necessarily at the front desk.”

Prosper junior and Karma Yogi intern Lauren Blair said her favorite part of the job is giving back to the community.

“It’s very rewarding to know that just by steaming a yoga mat I am helping someone continue their fitness journey,” Blair said. “The Yoga Pod brings peace to so many people’s lives and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.”

The Yoga Pod currently employs around 20 interns who cover three shifts per day, Gary said. Anyone with a love of yoga and strong work ethic is encouraged to apply.

“I really think that anybody can do it. Once I did it, I referred a bunch of my friends and I’ve made friends doing it here, not just college students but adults with other jobs,” Gary said.

The Yoga Pod offers over 60 classes a week ranging from slow and steady “PodGentle” for beginners to 105-degree “PodHot” for those who practice yoga regularly.

“The classes are suitable for everyone. It’s nothing to be intimidated by if you’re a beginner,” said Gary. “There is so much diversity in the people who come and the teachers that there’s a place for everyone.”

Classes are $20 each and Baylor students can attend unlimited classes for $299 per semester. The Yoga Pod studio is located at 5100 Franklin Ave.

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