A how-to lesson with the Lady Bears

Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

On Tuesday, four of the Lady Bears worked with me on some basketball skills. I was taught how to shoot a free-throw, shoot a layup and dribble a ball between my legs.

Freshman Trinity Oliver worked with me on shooting a free-throw. Free-throws are attempts to score points with no obstructions from the free-throw line.

Oliver said the keys to a good free-throw are to, “line up your shooting foot with the center of the basket, a routine you do before you shoot, I spin the ball and dribble, then you set and shoot.”

Trinity also said the most important tip for free-throws is to bend your legs.

Freshman Moon Ursin helped me work on getting a good layup. Layups are are two-point shots made by laying-up the ball with one-hand to the basket and shooting the ball into the hoop.

Ursin said the best tip to a good layup is to aim the ball into the little square box right above the hoop.

Finally, I met with freshman Alexis Morris and she taught me how to dribble the ball between my legs.

“When you’re dribbling the ball, you always want to make sure your hand is on top of the ball and your fingers are spread across the ball so you can control the ball,” Morris said.

Morris also said an individual needs to have their feet shoulder-width apart, get low and bend their legs.

If you’re ready to see the Lady Bears in action, this season will start with an exhibition against Tarleton State on Oct. 31 at the Ferrell Center.