Village Bakery owner remembers the first Westfest

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

The community is celebrating Czech culture at Westfest in West, Texas.

Mimi Montgomery Irwin is the owner of the Village Bakery in the area. Her father and mother opened the Village Bakery in 1952 and her father was one of the seven organizers of the first Westfest in 1976.

“The night before the fest started, we had a horrible rain storm and high winds. All the tents went down, and I remember being out at the Westfest grounds with my family putting the tents back up,” Irwin said.

Westfest was originally created as a celebration of Czech culture and commemoration of their history, Irwin said, and it has continued over the years.

Irwin also said it is important to remember aspects of Czech culture, especially traditional foods, because so many people that leave their native countries bring only their recipes with them.

“You may come with not a penny in your pocket, maybe only the shirt on your back, but you bring your food tradition and that’s why it’s so important to keep that alive,” Irwin said.

The Village Bakery is “65 years young” in 2017, Irwin said. The bakery receives visitors from all over the United States and occasionally the Czech Republic, she said.