The Bears and Flames are tied at 17 at halftime

Sophomore wide receiver Denzel Mims recatches a long pass after it bounces out of his hands during the second quarter. Liesje Powers | Multimedia Editor

Collin Bryant | Sports Writer

The Baylor Bears(0-0) and Liberty Flames (0-0), are tied 17-17 at halftime.

Liberty drove 73 yards on its opening drive with a mix of running and passing leading to a 27-yard field goal by sophomore kicker Alex Probert. Liberty’s defense, stifled the Bears’ opening drive, holding them to only 17 yards and no score.

A late flag against the Flames during their second drive served as a catalyst to a Bears’ defensive stop limiting the Flames to 30 yards. The Bears, however, did not score.

The flames after having a touch down called back from a holding penalty, were held to a field goal the following possession.

Anu Solomon then threw his first touchdown of the year to Chris Plat, a 45-yarder, following the Bears going for it on 4th down, putting the Bears up 7-6.

Following the touchdown, the Bears defense allowed a Liberty a 40-yard passing touchdown from sophomore quarterback Steven Calvert to fellow sophomore wide receiver Antonio Gandy-Golden. Liberty then successfully ran the ball for the two-point conversion, putting the Flames back on top 14-7.

Solomon responded by compiling a 49-yard pass to sophomore wide receiver Pooh Stricklin that led to a short 14-yard rushing touchdown for sophomore running back JaMycal Hasty.

The following possession, Probert kicked a 33-yard field goal.

The Bears kept a steady run and pass mix during their last possession before half, culminating into a 14 play, 39-yard field goal by sophomore field goal kicker Connor Martin.

With the score tied at 17, Baylor will receive the ball to start the second half.

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