Spilling the beans on Pinewood Roasters: New coffee bar stirs up the ‘cup of joe’

Michael Power, head of coffee at Pinewood Coffee Bar, makes a latte. Pinewood Coffee Bar open Aug. 18 at 2223 Austin Ave. Photo credit: Liesje Powers

By Pablo Gonzales | Assistant News Editor

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the Baylor campus, Pinewood Roasters has become one of Waco’s coffee staples .

Since opening their original location in McGregor, Pinewood has expanded their operations beyond its coffee bean manufacturing to a full-service coffee shop and performance venue.


After taking the short seven-minute drive from Baylor in the rain, I walked into the white-washed building to find a warm and welcoming refuge. Upon entry, you are greeted by friendly baristas eager to concoct your beverage.

The ordering experience is seamless and quick. I ordered three drinks: a drip coffee, an espresso and a cold brew. The drinks were prepared quickly and delivered to my table. The steam rose from my warm drinks and assured me that the beverages were prepared with utmost care.


My favorite drink was by far the cold brew. I highly recommend this drink as a great relief from the hot Central Texas sun. It was smooth, decadent and stood alone. My second favorite drink was the drip; it smelled incredible. It’s down-home flavor reminded me of taking sips of my Grandpa’s coffee as a child.

My least favorite drink was the espresso, just because I have not developed the distinct palette required to appreciate the drink. It was very bitter as most espressos are, but I’m sure that it is delightful to the tongue of a coffee connoisseur.


The atmosphere accented the coffee. The music playing was neither loud nor obnoxious. The simple jazz tunes, played by the vintage record player, danced with the aroma of coffee in the air. The layout is conducive to studying, chatting or simply enjoying one’s own company.

During my visit, one of my favorite things that I noticed was how no two people looked alike. Because the coffee bar is away from Baylor, the energy is unique to Waco. From young families and senior citizens to the sprinkling of students, Pinewood’s identity is true to the diverse community that it serves. There are no social norms like those found in other coffee shops in town; you could come in, cozy up with a good cup of joe and enjoy the atmosphere.

For those always looking for an escape from the congested traffic of the central libraries to study, Pinewood is an excellent option. The walls are lined with plenty of seating, and most importantly, plenty of electrical outlets to plug-in and get some work done. The shop is well-lit and fosters both work and play with a spacious outdoor venue for concerts and events.

Pinewood Roasters is located at 2223 Austin Ave. Be sure to stop by to fill your coffee craving. You will not be disappointed.