FSSW and Baylor S3 host football days kick-off event

Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Today, the Baylor community came together to get hyped-up for the first football game of this season on September 2nd on Fountain Mall.

Baylor S3 paired up with FOX Sports Southwest to make this pep rally a success for all in attendance.

“Fox Sports Southwest is doing a football tour of high school and college game days around Texas and they did a kick-off event here that is also going to be a wrap-up event for our game this weekend,” said Brad Sherrill, senior S3 member.

It takes a lot for events like this to be put on. The purpose of this event was to get students excited for football season to begin.

“An event like this is helping Baylor’s sports promotion, the major “sports sponsorship and sales,” as well as to help promote the game coming up,” said Abby Langkamp, junior S3 member.

Along with getting hyped for college football season, students are also ready to see what the football team and Coach Rhule are going to bring to the field this season.

“I know a couple of the football players and from what they tell me, Coach Rhule is really inviting and focuses on team unity. I am expecting really big things from Baylor Football,” Langkamp said.

The first football game of the season will be at 6 p.m. this Saturday against Liberty University inside McLane Stadium.