New students will want to gain this ‘freshman 15’

Whether you feel like you’re prepared for your first year of college or not, your freshman year will most likely carry a bit of stress and anxiety with it. For many of you, this is a completely new place, filled with new people and new experiences. In lieu of that, here is the freshman 15 you want to gain.

1. Don’t worry if you actually gain 15 pounds.

– Sometimes it’s difficult to eat healthy in the dining halls, and not just because of a lack of healthy options. Sometimes that cheesy, gooey grilled cheese from East Village is just calling your name after a long day in classes and that’s OK. As long as you try to eat healthy every once in a while, you’re doing great.

2. It’s OK and necessary to have alone time.

– F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) is a real thing and you definitely will feel it at some point during your first year here. You should absolutely take advantage of many of those opportunities to go out, but you also need to take time for yourself to make sure you are well-rested and have enough time to study. It’s OK to miss a hangout or two, you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Don’t worry about finding a best friend right away, it’ll happen in its own time.

– It’s rough to hear, but you might not find your best friend during your first semester, or even your first year at college. You never know who’s going to come into your life or when, but just know that they will come at the right time.

4. Clean your room!

– Throughout the semester, it’s likely you’re going to start getting busier and busier. If you don’t clean regularly, you might wake up one day and find that your room is so trashed that it’s stressing you out. If you clean routinely, you’ll appreciate the shiny, sparkly cleanliness of your room once finals or a rough test week rolls around.

5. Be kind to your roommate.

– Coming into college, you may or may not have shared a room before. No matter your situation or where you’re living, be nice to your roommate. You’re sharing a living space all year long and whether you agree or disagree on morals, politics or even just on how to decorate your room, you should be there for one another through the good times and the bad.

6. You earned your spot at this university and you belong here.

– No matter how you perform in a class, you belong here. You were accepted into this university because you are worthy, and you have to remember that everyone has their rough patches. Remember that your worth does not come from your academics, but from who you are on the inside.

7. Learn how to say “no.”

– There are a lot of moments during your freshman year that you are going to want to say “yes” to, but there are going to be a lot of moments when you need to say no. Whether it be for your safety, your sanity or your schoolwork, you have to learn to differentiate from those unmissable opportunities and the ones that would be better if you skipped.

8. Be open to new trying new things.

– There are so many different things to try out during your four years here at Baylor, whether it be sports, an organization, an experience or even a new church! Take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of them because if you don’t, you’ll regret it later.

9. Be accepting of other peoples’ backgrounds and beliefs.

– Everyone coming into this school has a different story that should be acknowledged and accepted. During your time here, you’ll meet a lot of people from around the world who have grown up in different environments than you did. We’re all human and we’re called to love one another, no matter our differences.

10. Love where you live!

– Please remember to love where you live as you explore beyond campus because we really do live in a remarkable city where it’s easy to love your community. Don’t limit yourself to Magnolia Market either, get out there and discover what Waco has to offer.

11. Respect your professors.

– Your professors are here to help you, not to hurt you, so don’t freak out on them the first time you fail a test, or you feel like they’ve given you too much homework to handle. They do everything for a reason and they are professionals in their area, so make sure you give them the respect they deserve. You’re paying a lot of money to learn from them.

12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

– Don’t be afraid to go to someone when you realize you need a hand, whether it be academically, emotionally or any time you’re stuck in a sticky situation. Baylor’s academic tools are here to help you and it is worth it to take the time out of your day to seek the help they can provide. Emotionally, make sure you find someone you can lean on. Find that person you can connect with and talk to during the rough and stressful moments because they will come. Just don’t be afraid to call for help, make sure you reach out if you need to.

13. Hang up and hang out.

– Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world where social media dominates our culture and every single interaction has to go on Snapchat or Instagram, but sometimes the best experiences happen when we set down our electronics for a few minutes and just live in the moment. Sometimes it’s unnerving not to check your phone for an hour or two but it’s worth it in the end.

14. STUDY.

– Please, for the love of your GPA, do not start studying the night before your test. As soon as you learn the material that will be on your next test you should begin studying.

15. Have fun and enjoy your year, freshman year only happens once.

– Your freshman year only happens once and it’s filled with so many experiences you won’t have the rest of your years at college. There’s something special about that first year at college and you have to enjoy it while it lasts. Live in the moment, love freely and never doubt your worth. You are amazing, wonderfully-made and you’re about to completely crush this year, so go sic ’em.