A how-to lesson with the Baylor Volleyball team

Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

On Wednesday, a few of players from the Baylor Volleyball team gave me a lesson on what it takes to play the game.

Players Hannah Fluegel and Hannah Lockin taught me how to set a ball. In their positions as setters, the women said they probably set at least 200-300 times each practice.

Next, Marieke van der Mark and Taylor Marburger taught me how to hit, pass, and serve.

The team has been working hard to make sure their summer practice shows as they head into their season.

“When double-days started for us in August it looked like they put the work in and we were really able to get after it,” said head coach Ryan McGuyre.

And this volleyball season, like every one before it, will be focused on improvement.

“We want to be great,” McGuyre said. “Each day we want to treat the atmosphere like a championship match and be one degree better from there.”

The Baylor volleyball team is full of players eager to show their worth on the court.

“I can honestly say I love all of them, one through twenty, and they have all surprised me in different ways,” McGuyer said,

On Thursday, the team earned their first win of this season with a score of 3-0 over Rice University.

Next week, the team will face Florida State University at 7 p.m. on August 25th at the Ferrell Center.