‘Speed: Science in Motion’ exhibit opens at Mayborn

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

The Mayborn Museum is currently featuring the “Speed: Science in Motion” exhibit which explores the science of car racing.

“It’s an exhibit that really lets individuals come and play with design factors, human performance factors around racing, and then you get a chance to do some of these things,” said Charlie Walter, Mayborn Museum director.

Visitors can test their skills using peripheral vision, driving a race car simulator and challenge a friend to change a tire in the pit lane. The exhibit was created at the Scitech museum in Perth, Australia and was toured around the United States before being displayed at the Mayborn. The museum brought the exhibit to Waco through its fund for traveling exhibitions.

“Speed: Science in Motion” had been on display at the Mayborn since May 27. Visitation numbers for the museum in June and July have increased by more than 6,000 visitors from those months in the previous year, Walter said.

“We know there’s been a lot of interest. We’ve had some of our volunteers and some of the local racing community come out with race cars and talk about what they do,” Walter said.

The exhibit is open at the museum until Labor Day.