Move2BU welcomes in new Baylor class

Christian Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor University’s Move2BU experience is unlike other institutions. As freshmen arrive on campus they are greeted with excitement from students, faculty and staff.

Upon arrival, student volunteers swarm the cars to help move their belongings into their dormitories.

“As soon as I got here, everyone came to the car and grabbed my stuff….I felt so comfortable and welcome,” said Dallas, freshman Rachel Garcia.

For Houston, freshmen, twin sisters Vanessa and Venae Jessurun moving to Baylor was their dream come true.

“We’ve wanted to go to Baylor for a long time. It’s just always been my dream so the fact that I am here living my dream and its Move In day. It’s crazy, Vanessa Jessurun said.

The MOVE2BU experience was not only a first for incoming freshmen but also for Baylor’s new president Dr. Linda Livingstone.

“It is just really important for me to be here, my husband Brad is here as well welcoming them letting there parents know that we are here for them,” Livingstone said.

Community Leaders, students, faculty and staff have devoted themselves to helping these incoming freshman make Baylor their home away from home.

The Woodlands, community leader Raquel Nuñez is devoted in heling her residents. “To me it’s just to make the difference for one student, you know that one student who comes in here who doesn’t feel prepared to come to college, who doesn’t feel that he or she belongs I really want to make this a home for them,” Nuñez said.