Students, alumnus react to Baylor’s new president

On April 18, Baylor announced that Linda Livingstone was appointed to be the university’s newest president . For over 172 years, Baylor has had a male president but now Livingstone will be Baylor’s first female president. Students and alumni seem to be excited for what she has to offer.

Alumnus Jim Maynard graduated in 1993 and was a former student of Livingstone. Maynard and his sister both had Livingstone for classes while she was a professor in the business school. Maynard got to know Livingstone by going to her office hours. He said she helped him get through his college career because of her advice on how to study.

“She actually took the time to work with me. She took a lot of time to help me succeed in taking college test,” Maynard said.

Maynard said he believes Baylor could not have picked a better candidate for the job.

“I am very excited for her and Baylor because I feel like she will add so much to the culture, she’s just an outstanding lady. I think its a great move for Baylor,” Maynard said.

For Littleton, Colo. junior, Alison Matz she believes Livingstone will bring a stronger representation of women on campus.

“The women on Baylor’s campus now have a voice in higher administrative meetings that we didn’t have before,” Matz said.

Katy, junior, Student Body President-Elect Amye Dickerson expressed that she is excited to work under Livingstone.

“I am so excited to serve under not just a woman but to serve under a woman with such great experience that she can bring to Baylor,” Dickerson said.

Dickerson feels that Livingstone will bring a fresh perspective and new energy to campus.

“[By] being a woman you have a different perspective to offer and with the time our university is in, it is perfecting timing,” Dickerson said.