What diversity means to Baylor students

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

The word diversity means a range of different things. This week some students spoke out about what diversity means to them.

“Diversity means to me the inclusion of everyone, those around you. Whether that means you have the same beliefs or different beliefs,” said Houston sophomore Charity Whitfield. “It’s about accepting others for their differences and working with and accepting those that don’t have the same views as you.”

When asked about diversity, many students said acknowledging it made it easier for them to connect with others.

“To me diversity means bringing together a bunch of different cultures, learning from those cultures, and growing in the difference of everyone and accepting that,” said Texas City sophomore Nicole Johnson.

Weston Beckham, a sophomore from Georgetown, put it simply, “So many different people doing different things and perusing different paths. It’s what college is all about, it’s made for diversity.”

In addition, Dr. Elizabeth Palacios, the special assistant to the president on diversity said, “It is a great place to become aware, but where we really want to be is to walk in cultural humility, to understand that we need to be inclusive, appreciate, and celebrate each other’s differences as well as our commonalities.”