Pie-A-President raises money for philanthropies

Pie-A-President is a fundraising event that Zeta Tau Alpha held on Wednesday to raise money for philanthropies and breast cancer awareness. Participants paid $5 to throw a pie at the face of the president of any organization, and participating presidents paid $10 to have the opportunity to be pummeled in the face with a pie. Photo credit: Liesje Powers

Members of more than 25 student organizations showed up to Fountain Mall Wednesday to enjoy an ice cream sandwich from Pokey-O’s and watch their president take a pie to the face. Students who attended Zeta Tau Alpha’s event from 6:30 to 8 p.m. could pay $5 to press a pie into the face of the president of the organization of their choice.

Many fraternities and sororities participated, as well as organizations such as the Baylor Chamber of Commerce, student government and the Noble NoZe Brotherhood.

Pie-A-President also included a competition, with each participating organization racking up points based on how many members showed up to throw a pie. The winning fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, received a $200 donation to their philanthropy.

The remaining funds raised from Pie-A-President, close to $1,000, went towards Zeta’s philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness. Zeta has partnerships with the American Cancer Society, Bright Pink and the National Football League.

Anaheim, Calif., junior Olivia Borba, Zeta’s director of philanthropy, organized Pie-A-President with the help of a committee.

Borba said she applied for the position after her cousin died from breast cancer. She hopes people understand that early detection and learning how to lower risks of breast cancer can save lives.

“One in eight women, in their lives, are diagnosed with breast cancer,” Borba said. “In most of those cases, if caught early, they are able to remove it and their lives are back to normal.”

Wednesday was Zeta’s first Pie-A-President event, but Borba said she hopes it will become an annual occurrence.

Pineville, La., junior Eileen Eichenauer, president of Alpha Delta Pi, said she would love to return next year to pie her successor.

“I love this idea,” Eichenauer said. “It’s so cool seeing everybody and having an event that really can help bring everyone together by involving somebody who’s known in the organizations.”

Participating presidents paid an entry fee of $10 to cover the cost of supplies and received a rain poncho to protect their clothes. Eichenauer said the pies were painless and delicious, though extremely messy.

Katy freshman Parker Moon said he was glad to see many of his friends from Delta Tau Delta present at the event. He said one member of his fraternity bought 10 pies in a row to use on their president.

“I took out all my frustrations from this week out on him,” Moon said. “It was definitely worth $5.”