Students elect Dickerson, Causey; runoff for Internal Vice President to be held Wednesday

Baylor students had the opportunity to vote for student government officials and class leaders last week through a voting website. Photo credit: Lindsey McLemore

By Thomas Mott | Reporter

The votes are in and Katy junior Amye Dickerson was elected Student Body President and Dallas sophomore Hannah Causey was elected External Vice President in the 2017 student government elections. Fort Worth junior Elizabeth Larson and Nashville, Tenn., sophomore Baily Dahl are in a runoff election to be held on Wednesday for Internal Vice President

Thousands of students voted for the 2017-18 Baylor Student Government officials and class leaders this past week. Over a two-day period, Baylor students voted for their desired candidates via an online voting website.

Dickerson received 2,055 of 3,538 total votes, or 56.21 percent of all votes cast for student body president.

“I am really excited for our students to be able to speak into this time of change at our university. I ran on a platform ‘We are Ready,'” Dickerson said. “I hope to communicate that our students are excited and that they are ready to lead out this time of change and to really continue with what makes Baylor so special to all of us.”

Causey received 2,018 of 3,674 total votes, or 54.26 percent of all votes cast for external vice president.

“I feel honored to be elected for this position and even more honored to run against Grant. I am beyond excited for what is to come as External Vice President and cannot wait to officially start it all. My expectations as EVP include making things happen, as well as following through will my platform I told people throughout my campaign! Even if there are some things I cannot do I want to make sure I have exhausted all my efforts to do so,” Causey wrote in an email to the Lariat.

-Jacksonville, Fla., senior Maddy Stotlemyer, running unopposed, received 361 total votes for permanent class president.

-Brookhaven, Mis., senior Ansley Braden, running unopposed, received 377 total votes for permanent class secretary-treasurer.

-Tuscan, Ariz., junior Austin Macdonald, running unopposed, received 27 total votes for senior class president.

-Diboll junior Caitlyn Lindsey, running unopposed, received 15 total votes for senior class vice president.

-Lufkin sophomore Reed Glass was elected junior class president, receiving 586 of 1,066 total votes.

-Bloomington, Ill., sophomore Nick Miller, running unopposed, was elected junior vice president, receiving 60 total votes.

-Joseph Mohon, running unopposed, was elected junior class secretary-treasurer receiving 31 total votes.

-Austin freshman James Schultz was elected sophomore class president, receiving 564 of 1,333 total votes.

-Snyder freshman Kaiden Johnson, running unopposed, was elected Sophomore Class Vice President, receiving 1,251 total votes.

-Blair Blackburn, running unopposed, was elected sophomore class secretary-treasurer receiving 52 total votes.

-San Antonio junior Ryder McCool, Jenna Joos, Justin junior Caleb White, Inglewood, Calif., junior Blake Ohanesian, San Angelo senior Will Gober, Sulphur Springs senior J.T. Grant, Sealy senior Caleb Scarbrough, McKinney senior Annette Christie, Chelmsford, Mass., junior Amaan Sheikh, Benbrook junior Charles B. Mooney, Georgetown senior Brooke Bentley and Claire Brown were all elected as the 2017 Senior Senate.

-Weathersford sophomore Emma Beaird, Saint Louis, Mo., sophomore Megan Galvin, San Antonio junior Paige Hardy, Waco sophomore Peyton Haddock, Artesia, N.M., sophomore Nolan Chumbley, Bellaire junior Eleanor Watts, Waco junior Lauren Strickland, Round Rock sophomore Cali Cox, Murphy sophomore Daniel Ligon, Chandler Terell, Lake Elmo, Minn., sophomore Madison Fernandez, Houston sophomore Louis Rodriguez and Decatur, Ga., sophomore John McDonald II were all elected as the 2017 Junior Senate.

-Waco sophomore Ridley Holmes, San Antonio freshman Bailey Goodyear, San Jose, Calif., freshman Allison Lee, San Antonio freshman Blakely McCool, Plano sophomore Brooke Burns, Plano sophomore Lexi Layton, Flower Mound freshman Brandon Bair, Austin freshman Tanner Wright, Fort Worth freshman Ketrick Karsten, Charlotte, N.C., freshman Katherine Galvin, Jacksonville, Fla., freshman Emma Stotlemyer, Boerne freshman Anna Bergquist and Carrollton freshman Suzie Tkach were all elected as the 2017 Sophomore Senate.

Student body officers and newly-elected positions will be sworn in at the first meeting of the 65th Legislative Session. Current officials will continue to serve until June 1, when the new term begins.