Baylor Campus Orchestra hosts last performance of the semester

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor Campus Orchestra presents two to four performances each semester for the Baylor/Waco community and yesterday, they hosted their last concert of the semester in Roxy Grove Hall.

Tonight’s program was entitled, “Themes of Sorrow and Joy.”

The orchestra is comprised of students from across campus, representing a variety of majors.

“My time here at Baylor has been great,” said Dr. Michael Alexander. Alexander is the Associate Professor of String Education at Baylor.

“Next semester I am really looking forward on working with the kids on continuing to improve their technique and continuing to work on some literature that might be a little bit more expansive,” Alexander said.

“I think we will have more players next semester so I think we will be able to do some larger works with a full orchestra,” Alexander said.

Omaha, Nebraska junior, Richa Sirohi said, “Even though I am a junior and it is kind of late for me to join, everyone has been really nice and it was pretty nice to jump back in.”

“I thought leaving orchestra behind in high school I’d have a hard time getting back into it,” Sirohi said. “but it was pretty easy and I kind of like it because it breaks up my day — especially with my engineering classes.”

The orchestra is designed to allow students to continue playing their instrument through performances.