Lariat endorses Dickerson, Maurer, Causey

For the 2017-18 student government election cycle, The Lariat editorial board chooses to endorse Katy senior Amye Dickerson for the position of student body president, Arlington junior Marcus Maurer for the position of internal vice president and Dallas sophomore Hannah Causey for the position of external vice president.

Each student running for an office met with the editorial board last week to explain their platforms and to answer questions about their vision for next year’s student government. Based on these interviews, the editorial board is endorsing the candidates who we feel will be most influential in our student government and who will uplift the student body the most.

Student Body President


For the position of student body president, the Lariat endorses Katy senior Amye Dickerson. Dickerson has been active in Baylor student government since her freshman year, when she was appointed Student Senator.

In the 2016-17 school year, Dickerson served as the external vice president, where she worked to improve inter and intra-school relations. Dickerson’s platform, “We Are Ready,” encompasses several aspects of student life at Baylor, including safety and transparency, expanding student organizations and financial benefits for the school and the students.

We found that during our conversation with Dickerson, she was candid about her stance on the issue of Title IX, emphasizing that sexual assault survivors feel supported on campus through this recovery period.

Dickerson also expressed interest in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for our diverse student body and adding amenities for student groups.

Lastly, she spoke about her interest in increasing alumni involvement on campus and in financial matters. We found that Dickerson’s overall perspective and her three platform points highlighted her passion for student life and provided a fresh perspective on issues that have been present in the student body this past year.

Dickerson’s outlook on the coming year is hopeful — she has worked to connect with students and administrators this past year, and wants to continue to reach out to other universities in an effort to increase inclusivity among student bodies and to address similar issues in the future.

She believes that with her passion and love of Baylor, there is no task that she can’t handle, and we believe that too.


Internal Vice President


The Lariat found Marcus Maurer to be the best candidate for internal vice president. Maurer articulated well how the purpose of IVP is not to write bills and be opinionated over the Student Senate, but to be an “unbiased mediator.” We feel this is the best interpretation of this role.

With this in mind, Maurer stated how community doesn’t come from the top down, but the bottom up — that the core of a thriving community is one which allows all members, no matter their position or lack thereof in their respective organization, to have a voice.

We found most compelling that Maurer chose to focus his time as IVP on methods of increasing awareness of individuals’ voices rather than creating platform points for his campaign — reiterating his belief in the “unbiased mediation” that this position requires

Maurer also provided ample reasons for how he was going live up to this title and follow his slogan of “#bettertogether.”

One example was his plans to utilize funds through a small grant system for smaller organizations that would otherwise be unable to exist.

Maurer also stated his intentions to restructure student government to allow students to have a place to speak in the Senate.

Among other ideas, Maurer also expressed his desire to conduct more student polls to better feel the temperature of the student body — something us news junkies go bananas for.

Maurer’s overall vision for constant communication between all individuals was a breath of fresh air, especially as Baylor is still reeling from its own lack of transparency, and we gladly endorse him for IVP.


External Vice President


For external vice president, the Lariat endorses Hannah Causey. Causey served as the public relations chair in the cabinet of the internal vice president and as a sophomore class senator this past school year. Her time as public relations chair has prepared her well for the role of external vice president.

As public relations chair, Causey has fostered relationships with student organizations and cultivated communication and leaderships skills that will be well suited for an external vice president.

Besides logistical qualifications, Causey possesses the passion and heart to serve Baylor and the communities connected to the universities. Causey hopes to facilitate a symbiotic relationship between Baylor and Waco through service and connectedness. She will work to improve the quality of off-campus service, gearing it toward diverse needs rather than isolated jobs.

Besides service, Causey plans to connect Baylor to the local community by putting a face to Waco through an Instagram page mimicking Humans of New York. Causey also wants to connect students without cars to the Waco community by expanding bus routes and expanding the security escort golf cart service.

Perhaps most impressive is Causey’s commitment to research and diligence in finding big solutions for big problems. Causey expresses a dedication to looking at what other universities are doing and finding a way to recreate what works at other institutions at Baylor.

Causey’s drive and expertise gives her the potential to connect with others on a local, state and national level in a way that represents Baylor University honestly and passionately.