Diadeloso brings color, cadence, creatures

Diadeloso gave students a break from the busyness of the semester by offering activities such as a Fun Run, an exotic animal petting zoo and a concert by Ansolo at the end of the night to top it off. Photo credit: Liesje Powers

Baylor students enjoyed a day off Tuesday petting exotic animals, getting slimed while running and dancing the night away with guest artist Ansolo.

The day began with students looking to get a head start on their summer fitness by running in community while simultaneously getting covered in the colors of the rainbow in the Diadeloso Fun Run.

At 9 a.m. Tuesday, students flooded the McLane Stadium concourse waiting for a good workout and to become a mess in the slime, color and bubbles. The race cost $10 for each participant, and each runner got a free T-shirt with their registration.

Colleyville freshman Emily Edwards said she enjoyed running the Fun Run because it was a good way to spend time with her friends, and in the process, she was able to fulfill her dream of running in a color run.

“My favorite part about running the Fun Run was having the color powder thrown at us,” Edwards said. “I have always wanted to do a color run, and I finally got the chance.”

Later in the day, there was an exotic animal petting zoo available for students — offering animals like a fox, otters, a monkey and a camel.

Fort Worth freshman Sarah Henn said that her favorite part of the petting zoo was the tiny monkey in overalls.

“He grabbed onto my finger and wouldn’t let it go for the longest time,” Henn said. “He reached out for me like a little baby. It was so cute.”

To end the night, the actor-turned-DJ Ansolo performed at Fountain Mall. The performance included many top hits that got the crowd hyped and dancing as well as some of the artist’s own music, such as his single, “Home Alone.”

Cedar Park freshman Haley Davis said she loves Ansel Elgort as both an actor and a DJ. She said the concert was exciting and that Elgort kept the crowd moving with the mixture of lights and sound.

“It’s a lot of fun, and I like that you can feel the bass in your chest,” Davis said.

Overall, the feedback from Diadeloso has shown that it was a well-needed break and a good way to prepare for the final stretch of the semester.

Needville freshman Raquel Buenrostro said she enjoyed the day hanging out with her friends.

“My Dia experience has been amazing,” Buenrostro said. “I’m really blessed to be here and know that my university cares about me enough to give me this day. I love Baylor.”