Jubilee Food Market wins business award

Keep Waco Beautiful recognizes Jubilee Food Market the Business of the Month award. Photo credit: Penelope Shirey

By Kalyn Story | Staff Writer

Keep Waco Beautiful, a nonprofit organization committed to making Waco more beautiful, cleaner and a safer place to live, named Mission Waco’s Jubilee Food Market its Business of the Month.

The executive director of Keep Waco Beautiful, Ashley Millerd, said the organization found the Jubilee Food Market to be the perfect group to recognize.

“Mission Waco realized a need for a market in that area and put a lot work into economically expanding it,” Millerd said. “It’s an eco-friendly way to give great food to citizens that desperately are in need of it. They recycle everything they use and will have compost for sale here real soon.”

Prior to the Jubilee Food Market’s opening, North Waco was considered a food desert. Residents were about 2.2 miles from the nearest grocery store that sold fresh produce and affordable groceries.

Oklahoma City, Okla., senior Grant Hudiburg said he can’t think of a more deserving organization to be recognized than Mission Waco and the Jubilee Food Market.

Hudiburg worked as a public relations intern for Mission Waco last semester, and one project he worked on was marketing for the Jubilee Food Market by making a video documenting its opening in December and the work Mission Waco is has done there.

“Their whole idea behind the grocery store is just incredible,” Hudiburg said. “They gathered the community and found out what they wanted in their space. It shows that Mission Waco is not doing this for any other reason than wanting to love and serve the community.”

Hudiberg said he loved working with Mission Waco and is still involved in the ministry. He said he is glad Keep Waco Beautiful is recognizing the Jubilee Food Market, and he hopes more people will see the amazing work Mission Waco is doing.

“Mission Waco is an outstanding organization, and I am proud to associate myself with them,” Hudiburg said. “Anyone interested should reach out and volunteer to join in with this amazing community and their work.”

Keep Waco Beautiful hosts quarterly river cleanups and semiannual neighborhood association cleanups, as well as organizes beautifications around town.

According to its website, the organization has an 18-member volunteer board from all over Waco and is funded solely from grants, donations, membership donations and a few small fundraisers held annually.

“Between the cleanups, educational outreach and beautifications, we try to recognize the businesses and campuses in the Waco area that really make a difference and help economically expand our city as well as educate our future adult citizens,” Millerd said.