EDM festival to light up McLane

Illectric River is an EDM music and art festival that begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday at McLane Stadium. General admission costs $55 and VIP admission is $99. Some of the festivals features inclue local food trucks, live graffiti artists, vendors, interactive art exhibits, and of course, live EDM DJs. Photo credit: Dayday Wynn

On March 18, Illevated Sounds will host Waco’s first electronic dance, music and art festival at Baylor University’s McLane Stadium.

Illectric River Music and Art Festival is a one-day music and art gathering that offers some of EDM’s largest artists and most creative music. The Illectric River Music and Art Festival is meant to show citizens of Waco and surrounding areas a variety of art and music not from the Texas community.

“Illectric River aims to go above and beyond to exceed expectations at all times,” said Illectric River Co-Founder and Manager Ben Cobb. “We aimed to create something that was truly different, unique, safe and enjoyable. Everything from our top-notch production and art décor, to minimizing wait times at the water lines and maximizing staff for [attendees] safety. It’s all covered.”

The Illectric River Music and Art Festival is a chance for people of all ages to come together and share their passion for arts. The festival lineup includes some of the nation’s top artists like Up Art Studio, Nicky Davis, Sno White, Party Theives and Madhatter.

“After attending hundreds of art shows, concert and festivals, it became clear that none could present an immersive collection of those things at once,” said Illectric River Founder/Visionary Jason Millsap. “What makes Illectric River a one-of-a-kind experience is our approach to reaching others and the world by showcasing local and nationally-renowned electronic music producers and DJ’s.”

With a variety of internationally acclaimed headliners and up-and-coming house, trap, bass and dub step artists, the founders of Illectric Music and Art Festival created an event for everyone.

“We curated this lineup to ensure that both seasoned EDM festivalgoers and first time EDM listeners have an unforgettable experience,” said Talent Buyer Robert Brooks. “It’s important to everyone on our team that these EDM newcomers leave Illectric River with a new passion for EDM and art.”

Brooks said unlike other festivals, Illectric River offers a canvas for artists to unleash talents, in a location small enough to provide a sense of family, but expansive enough to allow, the guests to enjoy a variety of environments featuring music and art from around the world.

“Our festival is a collection of nationally loved and respected artists via live art shows, interactive installations and light displays to offer a variety of fun visual worlds,” said Millsap. “Get ready for a mind-blowing auditory and visual voyage.”

The Illectric Music and Art Festival will be held at 2 p.m. at Baylor University’s McLane Stadium and is 18+. For more information about the festival or to purchase tickets, contact Robert Brooks at 404-372-1599 or email at robert@illectricriver.com .