Students aim to bring clean water to world

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

For most Americans, access to water is at our fingertips. However, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, about 783 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water.

The Baylor African Student Association recognized this need and decided to team up with The Water Project Foundation to help people in impoverished communities have easier access to water.

Alexandria, La., senior Mima Fondong, president of the African Student Association, said they researched several ways they can make a difference, and they found The Water Project and thought it was a perfect fit.

“We can do more when it comes to helping people not only in the Waco community, but people abroad and especially Africa,” Fondong said.

The African Student Association has been able to raise around $3,000 in the past two years for The Water Project. They raised the majority of this money through two events; their take-a-date and “A Night in Africa” fashion show. The money they donated to The Water Project along with other donations from other organizations was enough to build a well in Kenya.

According to The Water Project website, one in nine people worldwide do not have access to safe and clean drinking water.

“They aren’t used to having clean water. They aren’t used to having a sink or a bath tub; they have to walk miles and miles just to get clean water,” Fondong said.

Fondong said the African Student Association has taken a lot of pride in this philanthropy because the organization has close ties to Africa.

“It’s held really closely to us because we know that these differences actually do matter and it happens to people that we know and love,” Fondong said.

The African Student Association has been able to make a difference across the globe.

“I feel like we are able to leave our mark at Baylor,” Fondong said.