LTVN: Sanctuary campus proposal sparks mixed feelings among students

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

The online petition to make Baylor a sanctuary campus gained traction throughout alumnae, faculty, students and staff. However it has also created mixed emotions among the student body.

League City freshman, Kendall Levin said she does not agree with the petition and does not think that it is in the best interest for Baylor University to go through with it.

“Although it is going through with Christian values, it is going against a lot of the laws of the upcoming political stances,” Levin said.

El Paso, senior Erica Kearbey said she has mixed emotions toward Baylor becoming a sanctuary campus.

“I definitely have mixed emotions about Baylor becoming a sanctuary campus because I feel for both sides,” Kearbey said.

Kearbey comes from a family of immigrants herself. She is half Irish and half Mexican. Therefore, she said she understands the incentive for helping immigrants but has safety concerns.

“I get what they are trying to do and I get they are trying to open up our school to illegal immigrants to give them a better life, just like lifestyle-wise and education wise, but I do think it’s not the best idea also,” Kearbey said.

Levin said she does not feel safe nor does she think it is the right thing to make Baylor a sanctuary campus.

“In the petition, it states that they [Baylor] will not comply with deportation and immigration laws as of right now, so I feel as if that is sort of going against our moral values and law,” Levin said.

Sophomore Wafa Demashkiah signed the petition and said she agrees with what is trying to be accomplished.

“I think that Baylor going through with this petition could bring a lot of positive opinions about the campus. It can show we accept people from all cultures, religions and from wherever they come from,” Demashkiah said.

Demashkiah said the she can see why people are against the petition, but encourages people to go out and do their research.

“Go out learn about what this petition is saying and who it is helping,” Demashkiah said.