Time shortened for communication master’s

Dr. Lacy McNamee, director for the joint bachelor's and master's program, presents information to potential candidates of the program. Photo credit: Penelope Shirey

The Baylor communications department is in the final stages of releasing its 4+1 joint bachelor’s and master’s degree in corporate communication program.

The program will join the accounting and social work department’s joint programs to allow students to receive their master’s in a shorter time frame than otherwise offered.

“This program is truly a joint degree,” Dr. Lacy McNamee, associate professor of communication, said. “It means that if you are participating in this program, you would have your B.A. and M.A. conferred at the same time. They are rolled in one together.”

Dr. McNamee will be the director of the 4+1 communication program when it starts. She hosted the interest meeting held on Wednesday in the Castellaw Communication Center lounge and gave basic information about the program to students.

“The way that it is designed right now is, in your junior year you would be applying for the program,” McNamee said. “And the M.A. portion is 30 hours and the B.A. is all things the same. Everything you are currently doing as a B.A. in the corporate communication track still applies.”

Those participating in this program will receive six credit hours as a transitioning period to adjust to the academic rigor of the master’s degree. Students will also be provided complete mentorship from communications professors. The 2017-2018 academic year will be the pilot year, so many details are continuing to be decided McNamee said.

“I am right on track right now, so I think it would be so cool to graduate at the same time with your bachelor’s and master’s,” Dallas sophomore Abby Hickman said. “I would feel so accomplished if I completed the program.”

Dr. McNamee said she is pleasantly surprised with the interest from communications students. Because this is the first year, there will not be a specific number of students accepted, so the acceptance rate will be based on the qualifications of applicants. The application deadline for current juniors to start during the next academic year is March 15.

The program is still in the final university approval process.Therefore, said Dr. David Schlueter, communications department chair, the details of the program are still being determined.

“I think the reason we are having this interest meeting today is that we are very optimistic about the start of this program,” Schlueter said.