Dr Pepper Hour hosts Student Organizations Fair

Arlington freshman Emily Lesh serves a Dr Pepper float to Brownsville transfer senior Yazmin Garcia. Photo credit: Liesje Powers

By Faith Miletello | Reporter

Dr Pepper Hour is a Baylor tradition that has evolved into more than a mixture of Dr Pepper and Blue Bell ice cream. The Bill Daniel Student Center now gives the Baylor community various opportunities to connect through the weekly event.

This Tuesday, Dr Pepper Hour doubled as a Student Organizations Fair where students could get information about different groups on campus. From service organizations to social clubs, the fair allowed students to find their niche.

“This week, student organizations had the opportunity to register for the fair to get people to know who they are for recruitment purposes,” said Tranquility Gordon, coordinator of Student Union events.

Union Board, a group that holds events on campus to give students a safe way to have fun, was present at the event. Fort Worth junior Rachel Barto, a member of Union Board, emphasized the importance of having opportunities for students to have enjoyable events on campus, while meeting people from various organizations.

“I knew I wanted to get involved in more things. I have been involved in three different groups since my freshman year,” Barto said. “It also gives an outlet to meet more people and having a close-knit type family here.”

The Baylor Stream Team was another organization in attendance. This service group focuses on testing water quality and ensuring clean local water through chemical tests and clean-ups.

“We are a group that goes out and volunteers,” Austin senior Anna Hodges said. “We cater mostly to environmental studies and biology because water quality is important in both fields.”

The Student Organizations Fair is one of many ways Dr Pepper Hour brings different groups together in the Barfield Drawing Room. Departments are welcome to host Dr Pepper Hour to get involved in the Baylor tradition, according to the Student Union webpage.

For those in regular attendance of Dr Pepper Hour, there is another way to incorporate the floats into the weekly event. Last year, the Dr Pepper Hour Club was introduced. The club allows students, faculty and staff to become VIP members after attending 10 Dr Pepper Hours during the school year.

To verify attendance, members must check in at the Dr Pepper Hour Club Booth. Once members reach their attendance level, they get exclusive Dr Pepper Hour gear and fancier float options, such Orange Crush or Chocolate.

“It is a cool club that anyone can join, and it was created to honor the tradition of Dr Pepper Hour’s history,” Gordon said.

Dr Pepper Hour is held every Tuesday during the academic year from 3 to 4 p.m.