Kappa koffee creates buzz

A cup of joe was bought for heroes at Kappa Sigma’s “Koffee for Kappa Sigma” event at 7 p.m. on Monday at Common Grounds. It is an annual event that is held by Kappa Sigma in January, and all proceeds from the event go to the Heart of Texas Veterans One Stop.

Kappa Sigma hosted Koffee for Kappa Sigma Heroes on Monday at Common Grounds to recognize some of the nation’s heroes.

Koffee for Kappa Sigma Heroes is an annual event put on by Kappa Sigma in January. All proceeds from the event go to the Heart of Texas Veterans One Stop.

The $5 entrance fee provided unlimited Common Grounds coffee and concerts from Honest Men and Nolan Pick Band. T-shirts, candles and coffee mugs were available for purchase at the event.

“This is my favorite event put on; I look forward to it each year. My father was in the military, so it has a special place in my heart,” said Longview junior Payton Baker. “Kappa Sigma puts a great show on, and it is so cool to see veterans at the show as well.”

Veterans One Stop provides housing, food, clothing, counseling, employment and educational assistance to local veterans and their families, according to their website. The funding offered to veterans and their families are provided by local community organizations, such as Baylor Kappa Sigma.

Veterans One Stop is run by community volunteers and local veterans who also serve as peer mentors and support group leaders when necessary. The Heart of Texas is the local chapter for Central Texas, the only other Veterans One Stop location is in El Paso.

“Koffee for Kappa Sigma Heroes is special because there is no other event that takes place at Baylor like it. You feel a genuine sense of care and community for the local veterans and their families,” said South Bend, Ill., freshman Taylor Hylton.

Kappa Sigma raised over $2,000 dollars for Veterans One Stop. Koffee for Kappa Sigma Heroes is an event centered on unifying the community and supporting the people who support the United States from afar.

Baylor University Kappa Sigma was started in November 1976. The chapter participates in all-university events, Steppin’ Out, Koffee for Kappa Sigma Heroes, homecoming, social events around the community and community service projects.

Veterans One Stop volunteers, veterans and their families were invited to attend Koffee for Kappa Sigma Heroes and hang out with Baylor students.

Although this event is held once a year, the impact is felt for much longer. For more information regarding donations and volunteering:


The Veterans One Stop can also be contacted at: (254) 297-7171