Trump supporters attend ‘Make America Great Again’ Celebration

Video by Jessica Babb | Broadcast Managing Editor and story by Kalyn Story | Staff Writer

WASHINGTON – Sandra Holsenbeck traveled to Washington from Jacksonville, Fla., because she believes President-elect Donald Trump is the chosen man of God to lead not only America, but also the world.

Holsenbeck and seven of her friends campaigned together for Trump and traveled together in matching American flag beanies for the “Make America Great Again” Welcome Celebration and Concert and to witness the inauguration. According to The New York Times, Trump and his family also attended the event.

While she does agree with many of Trump’s policy proposals, Holsenbeck said it was his character that won her support from the beginning.

“I just love Trump as a person,” Holsenbeck said. “I really think he is true, and he will do what he says he is going to do. I will believe almost anything he says because if he says he is going to do it, I trust that he will.”

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Welcome Celebration and Concert was held at the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday and included performances by Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down and Sam Moore.

Beth Burns traveled with Holsenbeck from Jacksonville, Fla., and shares Holsenbecks’ confidence in Trump’s character and motives. Burns said she is excited for a Trump presidency because she believes no one else can get rid of corruption in American politics like he will.

“He’s going to drain the swamp,” Burns said. “He can get rid of all the corruption in politics because he is here for the right reasons. He’s not trying to get rich or famous-he is already rich and famous. He is doing this because he really cares about America.”

Burns called this election a “miracle” and said she had beenpraying Trump would be elected since before he announced his candidacy.

“The Democrats are still saying, ‘What happened? How did he win?’” Holsenbeck said. “They can’t understand it because God did it. They don’t know God, but we do; Trump does. Only God could do this. He is the chosen man of God to lead America to be great and to lead the world.”

In contrast, Megan Clynes from Lake Elsinore, Calif. said that she could not support Trump in this election because she is a Christian.

“As a Christian, it was hard listening to some of the things he said, especially about women,” Clynes said. “The way he objectifies women and talks about grabbing women is not okay. I find a lot of his words and actions offensive, and I do not find anything he does to be Christ-like in any way, and I didn’t want to support that with my vote.”

Clynes traveled to Washington with the political science department from Point Loma Nazarene University in California and said that although she could not support Trump with her vote, she supports him now as her president and prays he will lead the country well.

“Regardless of whether we support him or not with our vote, he is our president. We are citizens of the States, and he is our leader, so I do support him in that and hope and pray that he succeeds,” Clynes said. “This is history in the making. If we support him or not, it doesn’t change that fact that he is our leader now.”

Jim DiStasio came from Massachusetts to see the inauguration with his father, Joseph. Jim DiStasio was unable to vote in the election because he is 14 years old, but he said he is excited because decisions made now will shape the elections he will be able to vote for.

“What is happening now affects the world later,” Jim DiStasio said. “It would be foolish of me to not care about the politics of my country just because I don’t have a say right now. What goes around comes around, and policy made now will affect me later.”

Joseph DiStasio said he wanted to take his son to witness the inauguration at a young age to participate in celebrating Trump’s election and the peaceful transition of power.

“Being a business owner, having someone in power who is going to protect my rights and fight for the small business owners of America is so important for my everyday life,” Joseph DiStasio said. “We haven’t had that the last eight years, so I will celebrate these next four years.”

Joseph DiStasio said he is looking forward to the Trump administration cracking down on illegal immigrants and strictly following immigration laws. He said America electing Trump helps him believe in a greater America, and he is confident that Trump will make America great again.

“It is important to America to show that even though some people have a difference of an opinion on policy, we can still come as citizens of the United States and come together to work as a whole,” Joseph DiStasio said. “One thing that makes us great is that we are a free country. This election and this inauguration shows that.”

At the start of the “Make America Great Again” Welcome Celebration and Concert, Academy Award-winner Jon Voight introduced Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Sam Moore to sing “America the Beautiful.”

“We didn’t know if God could reverse the negative lies about Trump, whose only desire was to make America great again,” Voight said. “He certainly didn’t need this job, but yes, God answered all our prayers. We will be part of history – all of us. President Lincoln smiling here with us, knowing America will be saved by a good and honest man working for all Americans regardless of their creed or color. We will see a renewed America under President Donald Trump.”