Texans take to D.C. to witness Trump’s inauguration

The Capitol's reparations for the inauguration have been going on for more than four days. Photo credit: Gavin Pugh

By Gavin Pugh | Editor-in-Chief

WASHINGTON – The unseasonably moderate temperature in Washington came just in time for the presidential inauguration – locals and visitors alike find themselves taking to the streets to enjoy the crisp weather.

Among those visitors is retired Lt. Col. John Heimburger, a Humble native. This isn’t his first inauguration, however. Heimburger marched in John F. Kennedy’s inaugural parade and was later awarded his diploma from the same president after graduating from the Air Force Academy.

“We’ve been for Trump from the beginning,” said Heimburger, who has met president-elect Trump in person on four occasions and stood on stage with Trump in Austin during a rally.

Heimburger cited his disapproval of President Barack Obama’s military action as one of the reasons he is most excited for Trump’s administration. Having flown 667 combat missions in Vietnam on four different planes, Heimburger hopes for a massive update to the way the Air Force’s planes are maintained.

“You don’t mess with Texas; you don’t mess with the U.S. military,”Heimburger said. “We have strength through deterrence. We don’t go attacking people. We help people that are under persecution.”

While there are many people traveling to Washington for the inauguration in support of Trump, there are others who have different plans for their time in the capital.

Demonstrators, particularly for the Women’s March on Saturday, the day after the inauguration, are flocking to the city. The event will consist of a rally starting at 10 a.m. near the capitol building and the march at 1:15 p.m.

Even though Tump has yet to be inaugurated, demonstrators are already gearing up for Friday.

A group of protesters and LGBT activists marched toward soon-to-be Vice President Mike Pence’s house and proceeded to dance, posting the “dance party” on social media.

Though some of Trump’s and Pence’s remarks and stances are infamous among certain groups, Heimburger said he thinks the media portrays Trump unfairly and as an unintelligent person.

“I’m a little bit disappointed with the media and [Trump’s] portrayal,” Heimburger said. “When you meet him, he’s a very cordial, intelligent ‘get ‘er done’ type.”

Heimburger pointed at Trump’s past education as a counter to the way he feels the media portrays Trump.

“He’s a graduate of New York Military Academy, so he does have knowledge of the military,” Heimburger said. “Having spent [so] many years in the military, I appreciate that and the fact that he is a businessman. He’ll get things done. He’s already doing it, but everybody is playing it down or finding things wrong.”

Between the inaugural parade, protestors and supporters of Trump, Washington traffic will be more congested than usual.

Washington native Ozzy Johnson will not be attending the inauguration. He said the influx of people, and the heightened traffic due to security are an inconvenience, and that he will stay home instead.

Johnson will also not be attending as he is not a Trump supporter.

Referencing the leaked Access Hollywood tape, where Trump can be heard saying derogatory comments towards women, and called it a “fairly disgusting retort that characterized the campaign.”

Whether at home avoiding the craze of the crowds or in the thick of the city, everyone seems to agree on one thing: this will be one of the nation’s most historical inaugurations and subsequent presidencies.