Baylor Baseball to hit Baylor Lariat Radio air waves

Baylor Lariat Radio is expanding its' play-by-play team to its' fourth Baylor Athletics team with the addition of Baylor Bears Baseball this spring. Photo credit: Baylor Athletics

Jordan Smith | Sports Writer

Baylor Lariat Radio was the first to bring you student play-by-play of Baylor Men’s Basketball. Baylor Lariat Radio was the first to bring you student play-by-play of Baylor Lady Bears Basketball. Baylor Lariat Radio was the first to bring you student play-by-play of Baylor Bears Football. Baylor Lariat Radio was the first student analyst team to bring you a weekly sports podcast of Baylor Athletics. Baylor Lariat Radio is not done being the first just yet.

For the first time in the history of Baylor Lariat Radio, there will be a student play-by-play team bringing you the action live from Baylor Ballpark. Starting on Feb. 17, Baylor Lariat Radio will be doing student play-by-play coverage of Baylor Bears Baseball.

Spring Branch junior Thomas Mott, original play-by-play commentator and the “Voice of Baylor Lariat Sports Radio,” says he is excited to see the growth of the radio coverage in just less than one year of its existence.

“Expanding our coverage to include baseball just goes to show how much we have grown as a radio program,” Mott said. “What started as myself and Jakob Brandenburg calling a handful of basketball games has now expanded to football, women’s and men’s basketball, and now baseball in less than a year.”

Mott, co-sports analyst for the award-winning podcast “Don’t Feed the Bears,” said he is especially excited to see this happening with the amount of work that has been put into getting this to the next step.

“Adding baseball is another first for Baylor Lariat Sports Radio,” Mott said. “It’s something that has been in the works for a while now, and it’s exciting that it’s now finally going to happen.”

Palmdale, Calif., sophomore David Fleming, a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, said he is optimistic and encouraged by the new student radio coverage.

“I believe that it is taking new heights for the Lariat Radio and for all baseball lovers. It just tells you that anything in life is possible, and it is true what they say: The sky is the limit,” Fleming said.

Legendary play-by-play commentator John Morris, also known as “Voice of the Baylor Bears,” reflected on when he was a student here at Baylor and how covering baseball helped him get his career as a commentator started. Morris did student play by play at KWBU while he was a student at Baylor University.

“I did Baylor Baseball on radio as a student at Baylor in the late 70’s, and it was a great learning experience for me. Just like taking more grounders in practice makes for a better infielder, doing more innings on radio makes for a better broadcaster,” Morris said.

Opening day for Baylor Baseball will be broadcast live on Baylor Lariat Radio with pregame coverage starting at 6:05 p.m. up until first pitch at 6:35 p.m. on Feb. 17 at Baylor Ballpark as the Baylor Bears take on the Niagara University Purple Eagles.

Fans can listen to the play-by-play of Baylor Baseball as well as other Baylor Athletics by using this web address,, and will be able to tune in to Baylor Lariat Radio to hear play-by-play of Baylor Bears Baseball, Baylor Men’s and Lady Bears Basketball, Baylor Bears Football, and fans can tune in to the award winning sports podcast of Don’t Feed the Bears.