Clothing drive hosted by alpha Kappa Delta Phi to benefit Waco Youth Center

By Jacquelyn Kellar | Broadcast Managing Editor

In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season, students are donating to alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s Clothing Drive.

It can be easy for some college students, clad in name brands and warm winter clothes, to forget what it’s like for those who are less fortunate. In hopes to clear some students’ closets while also providing for others, aKDPhi has donation boxes stationed on campus.

“We thought it would be a perfect time, since we just had Thanksgiving break, the holidays are coming up, to host a clothing drive to help the Waco youth,” said alpha Kappa Delta Phi Vice President of Service Jodie Nguyen. “Students have all these clothes buried in their closets, so we thought it was a perfect to make use of that clothing.”

The drive, benefiting the Waco Youth Center, is counting on compassionate Baylor students to donate.

“I chose to donate today just because I volunteer at other places and I know how important it is to volunteer and donate for the less fortunate, especially in Waco,” said Richardson junior Abby Jennings. “I think it’s really great that aKDPhi is putting this on. It’s great for the community, great for Waco and great for the multicultural sororities on campus.”