Online Title IX training available

The new Title IX course is available online for all students. Photo credit: Liesje Powers

By Kalyn Story | Staff Writer

A new Title IX training course launched yesterday and is available to all Baylor students.

Previous courses were only available to incoming freshman and transfer students.

“This course is a comprehensive, engaging and interactive online training opportunity for all students,” said Sarah McPherson, Title IX training and prevention specialist.

The course is not currently required to register for classes, but McPherson said the Title IX office is working to establish incentives for students to complete training with the goal of eventually having all students take mandatory training.

“Successful completion of the Title IX online course for all students will be recorded in our student information system so that we may track progress on our efforts to educate every student about this important subject. We are asking you to complete the course before the end of the semester,” read an email sent to students through Canvas Monday.

McPherson said she hopes students will take advantage of the training program whether they think they need it now or not.

“Interpersonal violence can impact anyone at any point,” McPherson said. “Knowing what to do in those situations and how to deal with what you or your friends experience extends far beyond Baylor. Title IX training is as much as a life skill as it is a college skill.”

McPherson said the course discusses what a healthy relationship looks like, how to recognize signs of abuse, terminology, cyberstalking, consent, myths and misconceptions about rape and assault, victim blaming, coercion, bystander intervention, how to help a friend who reveals to them that they were assaulted or experience interpersonal violence, and ways students can be proactive in keeping the campus safe.

“A lot of things the course covers may not be very well known,” McPherson said. “Everyone can benefit from taking this course. Students are wanting more resources and training options, students will always be able to come back to this throughout the year. The course provides info about contacting the Title IX office and getting help for various circumstances.”

Students received information about the course and the link to the course through their Canvas accounts Monday. With the link came a warning about the topic of the course.

“These are very sensitive topics, and we do not want to cause harm or trauma. If you are triggered at any time while taking this course, or are concerned that you will be triggered by the content of this course, contact the Title IX Office at or 254-710-8454,” the email read.