Student government offers shuttles to polls

Baylor student government will be providing a shuttle from the Bill Daniel Student Center to the Waco Convention Center for students to vote Tuesday.

The bus will run every 30 minutes from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

External Vice President Amye Dickerson said she hopes students will take advantage of the free transportation and that every registered student will vote.

“It is so important for students to exercise their right to vote,” Dickerson said. “I don’t want a student to not be heard just because they don’t have the resources to get to the polling place.”

Student government will be using the undergraduate admissions bus which seats 10 people.

Dickerson stressed that the buses will be non-partisan and there will be no campaigning allowed on the bus.

“Our goal is to drive voter turnout and help students have their opinions heard,” Dickerson said. “It’s OK if you don’t support either mainstream candidate. It is still important to cast your vote even if it is to express your dissatisfaction with the current political leaders.”

Dickerson said she hopes that providing shuttles on Election Day shows students that student government cares about their voice and is making efforts to improve students’ Baylor experience.