Common Grounds concert raises money for refugees

Video and story by Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Better Together BU hosted a fundraising concert event at Common Grounds in order to raise money for refugees.

“So many people are being driven from their homes and have nowhere to stay,” Medford, Ore., junior Micah Furlong said. “So we started this organization initially to help with those refugees. We partner with two organizations: the Refugee Services of Texas and the Arabic Church of Dallas. They give money directly to refugees in countries where they are not able to work due to racial and religious persecution.”

Meanwhile, several Baylor students have taken the matter into their own hands.

“I feel passionate about the Syrian refugees because I feel like no one has given them a voice,” said Plano sophomore Wafa Demashkiah. “And the fact that we get to contribute and give them a voice and a platform to speak is beautiful in a way.”

One Baylor student spent her summer in Greece to dedicate her time directly to the cause.

“Being able to work with refugees gave me a huge different perspective on how real God was,” said Honolulu, Hawaii, junior Lindsey Nishimiya. “And how he truly loves his people and wants to move in their lives.”