Baylor Puppy Playtime helps owners, students relax

Video and story by Katie Mahaffey | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor Puppy Playtime is an event where students meet to play with dogs and allow the dogs to socialize with one another. The existence of this group has proved beneficial to the dogs and their owners.

“Typically he doesn’t have a whole lot of interaction with other dogs. We live in a complex that doesn’t have many other animals and so he gets to come out and see everybody and make a lot of new friends,” Grapevine senior Nicole Pepper said.

The pets get fresh air while students walking past get their puppy therapy fix. Many of these animals are in a kennel during the day while their owners are at class; so it is helpful for many student dog owners to have a safe place where they can take their pets after class.

“It’s a great way to get their energy out as well and plus it’s a de-stresser for me because he gets lots of playtime, it’s not just with me. I get interaction with other dog owners who can trade tips about vets and good dog treats and toys. I learn a lot and have a good time coming out here,” Buda senior Justin Plescha said.