Alumni celebrate 50-year reunion

Video and story by Morgan Kilgo | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor’s graduating class of 1966 held their 50-year reunion Friday during Baylor’s annual homecoming weekend.

The reunion was held in the Barfield Drawing room. Alumni took a class photo, ate dinner and had the opportunity to mingle with their past classmates. Three roommates, Margaret Skimmyhorn, Maris Williams and Gale Holton were reunited after 15 years apart.

“We had one of those big rooms in Ruth Collins hall, and so we were right where the showers and the bathrooms were so our room was the place that everybody came. It was a very active room,” Maris Wilson said “The friendship we formed — it’s still here.”

For many alumni, Baylor is the place where life-long friends were made and future spouses met. Robert Hampe and his wife, Delia, met at the start of their freshmen year. Six weeks after meeting the couple was “pinned,” a year later they were engaged and were married after their junior year. The couple just celebrated their 51st anniversary.

“I was on a scholarship, I did not want to date and waste time,” Delia Gorena (Hampe) said. “I wasn’t very eager when he came along and stole my heart almost immediately.”

Among the alumni in attendance was 1966 Class President Jon Mitchell.

“It would be hard for me to pinpoint my favorite memory, I think the most important is the friends that I made and the friends that I still have,” Mitchell said

His advice for current Baylor students is to study hard and make as manu friends as they can. He said the friends that they make will be the most important thing for them.