Silobration united families, local businesses and drew new crowds to Waco

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Magnolia hosted its second annual “Silobration” Thursday through Saturday. The weekend was full of fun family events including lawn games, street vendors and food trucks.

The vendor fair served as a way for local businesses in Waco to promote their stores, sell their products and tell their stories. The businesses ranged from antique shops to boutiques and arts shops.

Among the vendors was the pottery store Black Oak Art. One of their potters, Chad Pessarra, made cups and vases at the event. Pessarra considers pottery a passion rather than work.

“I met art, and it kind of changed my life from then,” Pessarra said. “I played football in high school. I messed up my hands really bad. I started doing art … and I actually got a lot of feeling back in my fingers … I really saw this as an avenue for a lot of people.”

The Silobration not only united several local Waco businesses, but also attracted people from across the country. Chip and Joanna Gaines build their fans from their show on HGTV, Fixer Upper. Attendees traveled from Wisconsin, California and many other states.

“We came last year in the pouring rain when they first opened, but it was so much fun,” Cedarburg, Wis., resident Trena Bloomquist said. “My husband and I and my daughter are just very big fans of the show. We love it … and that’s why we came.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines began the Silobration with trivia games and an eating contest. Only die-hard Fixer Upper fans knew the answers to questions like, “What is the name of our dog?” The winner left with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The couple then shared their story and mission. They said it was not easy to get to where they are today. Chip shared their goal for Magnolia: for it to be a place where families can come to have fun and relax.

“The tough moments are what makes us who were are. Fight through them. There is something on the other side, there is hope just around the corner. If anyone can relate to that, keep your head up, You’re going to make it,” Chip said.

Chip also said that people have asked if they were going to fix houses in places other than Waco. He said he and Joanna made a promise to keep family first and not let their business determine their life. Therefore, they will not be flipping houses throughout the country, he said.

However, Joanna announced that they will be releasing a book soon.

“Every time you come back, we want something new to tie you back. We want you to feel connected, and we want you to have fun,” Chip said.