National Geographic’s Sacred Journeys exhibit opens at the Mayborn Museum

By Jacquelyn Kellar | Broadcast Managing Editor

The newest special exhibit at the Mayborn Museum is National Geographic’s Sacred Journeys, which follows five fictional students in their religious trips across the world. The exhibit highlights the five main world religions with not only National Geographic photography, but with stunning artifacts and relics.
Conservation and Exhibition Manager for Collections at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Christy O’Grady traveled all the way from Indiana to ensure that the exhibit’s most prized items were delivered and displayed safely.
“I think a lot of people will really be amazed by the throne of the Dalai Lama. That came from the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery south of Indianapolis in Bloomington, Indiana,” said O’Grady. “They offered us the throne that was created for the Dalai Lama when he came to Indiana to teach. It has a very significant, special use and it’s a beautiful piece in and of itself.”
National Geographic’s photos are the backdrop to many of the artifacts, setting the tone for the entire exhibit.
“I love this exhibit. The think I love most about it is the photography,” said Rebecca Nall, Assistant Director of Exhibits, Communication and Visitor Services and the Mayborn Complex. “All of the National Geographic photography makes me feel so involved in these places. It’s so immersive that you feel like you’re actually there.”
Almost every item in the exhibit is authentic, including a page of the Gutenberg Bible, the first book mass printed on a press. This five-and-a-half century-old relic is one of many that display the culture and beauty of each of the world’s religions.